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COVID-19 and the UK tech awards


In opening the UK Tech awards nominations programme at this time, we are responding to the very many requests we have received from companies, individuals and advisors. Obviously, we are living through a difficult phase, with no absolute certainty that large-scale events and gatherings will be allowed by the government. However, as each awards programme is a 9-month process, we have decided to open UK tech nominations as planned, to keep on track. We are very aware that this is an incredibly sensitive time for most of us, and that sadly, most of us will have been touched by COVID-19 in some way. However, we would like to remain positive where we can and reflect on the achievements of the tech companies in the period under review. 

awards ceremony 

We monitor the virus situation daily, of course, but it is our current intention to hold the UK tech awards ceremony, as planned, on Wednesday 4 November. Rest assured, all members of the UK tech  “club” will be kept closely in touch. In the event that it is not possible to hold the awards ceremony in November, due to Government regulations,  we have provisions for alternative arrangements and will share these with you all, if need be, closer to the time. For now, we would like to thank all our sponsors, table hosts, attendees, and Voting Panel members for their loyal and continued support. 


from the 2019 awards 

Jass Sarai, PwC, UK Technology, Media and Telecoms Industry Leader at the UK tech awards 2019

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