UK tech awards
UK tech awards

voting panel

Members of the 2018 Voting Panel will be announced on this page in due course. Their meeting will take place on Wednesday 26 September 2018.

voting procedure

Online nominations, supplied by tech companies, their corporate advisors, analysts, brokers and bankers, will be used to determine a longlist of nominees in each of the “voted for” categories (the tech fund manager of the year award is a straightforward factual award, based on published performance data). Following these nominations, additional submissions will be requested in respect of four individual awards categories – tech innovation, tech achievement, tech growth business and tech company.

The credentials of all the nominees will be debated by the full Voting Panel on 26 September 2018. This will result in a shortlist of nominees, and a winner, in each category. The shortlist will then be posted on this website and the winners announced at the UK tech awards dinner on Thursday 1 November 2018.

the 2017 Voting Panel

See further details of members of the 2017 Voting Panel.

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